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    Get image from creator

      Is possible to export the .cysch diagram, as graphic image, for documentation purpose?


      Thanks, Fabrizio

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          Welcome in the forum, Fabrizio!


          Quite better! There is an entry in Creator under the Build-menu: "Generate Project Datasheet". This will give you a PDF-file with alll the information you need (and a bit more). Complete documentation.





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            Or you can press "Alt-PrintScreen", which pastes the current window as bitmap into the clipboard. From there you can import into any graphics program.

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              I like Bob's suggestion better than mine because I did not know Creator offers that print to pdf tool with config info included. The method I have always used is the Windows (7 to 10) Accessories Snipit tool. Just drag the cursor around a rectangular area of the screen and save to jpeg or pdf. Before you do this, turn off the grid marks in the General option configuration so you get a plain white background.


              The advantage of Snipit is that you can get a JPEG which can be imported into documents. This method also lets you crop to any area of the screen you want.

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                I forgot to mention that Windows Snipit Tool also offers a pen and highlighter tool that lets you call attention to specific parts of your screen shot. This saves you from having to use a separate image editor to make simple notes.