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    AN65974 : CYUSB3014 vs FPGA. Problem to configure

      Hello all!


      I have problem to configure project AN65974 into Xilinx FPGA Spartan-6 on board USRP B210 over JTAG-connector by using iMPACT. 
      iMPACT error massage is below:
      "INFO:iMPACT - '1': Checking done pin....done.
      '1': Programming terminated. DONE did not go high.


      When I use project AN84868 or AN87216, everything is fine. My bit-file is loaded into FPGA perfectly.
      In my opinion, that problem is in signals FPGA_CFG_INIT_B, FPGA_CFG_DONE, FPGA_CFG_PROG_B and these signals into code of AN65974.


      Simplified table of connections is below:
      FPGA/pin                              SIGNAL                                CYUSB3014/pin
      FPGA/INIT_B                       FPGA_CFG_INIT_B            CYUSB3014/GPIO[45]
      FPGA/DONE                        FPGA_CFG_DONE              CYUSB3014/CTL[10]
      FPGA/PROGRAM_B_2        FPGA_CFG_PROG_B         CYUSB3014/GPIO[45]


      Is it true? Perhaps I must to do some modifications of code. What? Could you help me here?


      Thanks in advance for any response!


      Two files are in this mail: b200_sch.pdf and AN65974_SlaveFifoSync_origin.zip