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    Debouncers and Click types

      I'm working with BLE and trying to use Debouncer, along with PWM, to take a bus of inputs (buttons) and individually debounce them, run them through a onClick timer, and process the events as a click, a double-click (another single click before an alloted time, and a held-down button.  I've looked at the Keypad software debouncing, and the components, but the problem, other than not having a set of specific events, is that for my application, I'm out of blocks, so I need to use TCPWM.  In the future, I'd like to make it into a component as well.  Any direction would be appreciated.  As of now I do have a modified Keyboard/keypad matrix code that does provide the events and the button, but I'm hoping to develop it further, and hopefully using less resource.