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    Wanted: PSOC 5 (or similar), high-speed USB, and USB Type C


      After some experiments with a PSoC 5LP (CYBCKIT-059) prototype, I like what the device has to offer, with one apparent exception: USB full speed won't scale up to cover the full data rates for my application.    Am I right to understand that none of the devices this family have high-speed USB support integrated?  


      Type C connector is going to be a must have very soon, but not necessarily USB 3 super-speed.    It would be great to find a economical prototyping board that combined the three features which could be used as a component in for field tests, I had hoped the CYBCKIT would be updated so I could scale-up my prototypes.       


      I can't tell from the new 2016 product road maps if there's something close in there that to fits the above bill     Any suggestions from someone more experienced with USB design would be appreciated, I'm mostly a software geek.  

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          There is no plan for Highspeed or sSperspeed USB interface for any of the PSoC family devices in the near future.





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            Try the Cypress FS3. It works real good. Medium learning curve but lots of support and books. The kit is CYUSB3KIT-003

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              Two years later, the lack of high-speed USB support in system-on-a-chip series continues to disappoint me, even in the new PSOC 6 series it seems.    I've looked at the FS3, which certainly might be perfect for some designs, but its not a good fit to replace a PSOC.   I need the PDB/datapath support, and the digital filter block on the 5 series is attractive.   For me USB SuperSpeed of the FS3 is overkill, I just need one step up, to USB high speed.


              It looks like PSOC 6 added USB on the go (host or device) support which is a nice add, (not to mention security/speed/power features) but the reduced PDB count on event most high-end PSOC 6 series seems like two steps forward, one step back as a new PSOC series.


              If Cypress could come up with a pre-certified "bluetooth module"  form factor and a pin compatible high speed USB module based on PSOC 5 or 6 that would be a game changer, but today, the Cypress offerings focused on chip level, while impressive, still seem like technology silos in different product lines. A module-level product, like the CY8CKIT-059 got really close, but not quite there there in this year's bluetooth module market.   Gumstick form factor is fine, it doesn't need to be as tiny as a postage stamp, and the larger size would leave room breakout more GPIOs and to put a FS3 on the board to a pin-compatible high/super speed USB alternate version.