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    Making it easier to share custom components




      I've made a custom component that I'd like to share with some of our users. The current process for the end-user would involve (1) downloading a new component library, (2) creating a new project, (3) importing the library into their project, and (4) setting their pins. The pins won't change from design to design because we have a custom PCB. 


      Is there a way to make this easier? For example, would it be possible to create an installer that would just add the component and a project template to the regular PSoC library? Or, could I create an example project, with everything already set up, and then somehow make that appear in the official example project list in PSoC creator?



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          You can add dependency to your component for every PSoC Project easily:


          Tools -> Options -> Project Management -> Default Dependencies -> Press 'New Entry' Button -> "Browse to the CYPRJ file of your custom component"


          Now onwards you can find this component in the Component Catalog. of every new project




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            Cypress has very strict criteria for validated components, you can find it here (Development guidelines and Submission Guidelines)






            The last time new component was uploaded into "official" page was many moons ago. Save your time and simply post whatever you have in Community Components forum.   

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              Thank you. I didn't know about the "Project Management" settings, so this will really help. I'd like to follow up with a related question.


              If I wanted to use the emFile component inside my custom component, am I allowed to include the static SEGGER C libaries with it and share it with other PSoC developers. It looks like Cypress has licensed those libraries from SEGGER for use on PSoC chips. However, users have to download them separately on the PSoC website. Do they have to be downloaded specifically from there or can we just include them in our own component.