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    talking to "windows-supported" FX1 device in Linux




      I have a USB device (Spectrum Techniques UCS-30) that uses the FX1 chip (CY7C64713-128AXC). The device manufacturer provides drivers and software only for Windows, but I need to use the device under Linux for an integration project.


      Using the CyUSBSerial_SDK_Linux software I am able to communicate with the device, to some extent. However, the device type is reported as 0xff and the CyGetUartConfig function returns CY_ERROR_REQUEST_FAILED.


      From what I can tell (there is a command list in the device documentation that seems to indicate it uses serial text commands) there is a UART somewhere, I just don't see how to access it. The lsusb command shows what looks like a single interface with 3 alternate settings, although I can't figure out how to change between them.


      I do have partial source code to the bundled application (though not the driver), but it's in Java and the base class for communicating with the device seems to be missing, so it's not much help.


      Any suggestions where I should look next? Unfortunately, I'm basically under an NDA for the code itself, but if it's useful I can provide the lsusb output etc.


      Thanks for any help.