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    CYBLE-022001-00 | troubles with some pins | questions about BLE

      Hey guys!


      Me again. So I got nearly everything working. Two things:


      When I try to set pin 3 or 4 on my CYBLE-022001-00 high, it just doesn't go high. This doesn't apply for any other pin. There is no short to GND. Do I have to configure something differently for those pins? Or might I have damaged something whilst soldering? It does look pretty ok to me. But I can't look under the BGA chip.


      Second question: I managed to get BLE working very easyily. Sadly, when I write a value, the WRITE callback handler will get executed which is very nice. I in there can change my values which works awesome too. BUT it does not update the GATT DB and I always read the same value over BLE I set initially. Do I have to write that value back in some special way. Or do I even have to update the GATT DB manually? I tried the latter one and it didn't change a thing ... When I write a value, it gets through properly but the field in the CySmart reverts to the old value.


      Then: when I want to READ something, I have no callback handler somehow. Is there a way to do that? Because for my BLE to SPI bridge I now have to WRITE the address, cache the retireved values into the GATT DB and then do a READ call over BLE which then gets the value read from SPI and updated into the GATT DB with the WRITE call before. Is there a way to do that better? The examples I found all just care about writing OR the handle read calls by returning the value with a notification.


      Any help is very appreciated :)


      Peace Noah