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    Install PSoC Designer 5.4 fail - svg viewer



      During my install of PSoC Designer 5.4, it detected a problem with installing Adobe svg viewer.  However it did complete the installation although did complain about it a couple of times.


      When I run PSoC Designer, it loads up but when I load an example project, I get an error message saying it is required to re-install Adobe svg viewer.


      Now just how does one go about that???


      According to Adobe, support for svg viewer was discontinued in 2009!!


      I am using Windows 10.


      Also, I couldn't find a way to search the forum for a particular word - it seems you can only search the Cypress website complete?

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          Welcome in the forum, Tony.


          Follow this thread, there is a solution.





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            Thank you Bob, for your welcome and for pointing me in the right direction. SVG viewer is now installed as the thread suggested and now working.  I am looking forward to getting started on my project.


            I have some other issues related to PSoC but I think they are for another thread.



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              When you are not dependent on some special features of a PSoC1, I strongly suggest you to switch to a more modern version of PSoCs, a PSoC4 or 5 would provide you with an AMR-M0 or M3 core. Mostly because of the lack of debugging PSoC1 projects without an in-circuit emulator (ICE-Box). The cheapest prototype kits for PSoC4-m and PSoC5 will not bust your budget





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                I've found that when I do a fresh Windows (7) install, if I install Designer before I update Internet Exploder, Designer will complain every time I start it. Apparently it doesn't like the fact that I'm going from -- what is the default in Win7, IE8? -- to a later version, Designer seems to think I've downgraded.


                Obviously the first thing to do is update IE before installing Designer, but of course I didn't know that last time I installed it at work. Which is where I use it most. So I've gotten used to clicking Yes every. bloody. time. I. run. Designer. Updating Designer doesn't work, and I haven't wanted to take an extra couple hours to do a complete uninstall/reinstall.


                I too followed the link to the other thread and installed the ancient viewer linked there. It seems to have resolved this issue. Thank you.




                As for switching from PSoC 1... I had a long lecture written, but it boils down to: I can only speak for myself of course, but context is important, and while there might be some benefits, such a massive retooling would not be cost effective for us at this time.