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    Error: dbg.M0015 on BLE Pioneer Kit



         I am using the CY8CKIT-042-BLE Pioneer Kit.  I have successfully installed and updated the PSo Creator.  I have updated the firmware in both the dongle and the baseboard.  Both the dongle and base board successfully updated the firmware.  I then build the CapSense_LED project for both daughter boards.  The SW is successfully written to FLASH.  But when I try to Debug I get:


      Error: dbg.M0015: Debugger exited unexpectedly during run.  Encountered error (Target disconnected See output window for more information.)


      The output window only has this message.


      There was an unhandled error during the debug session. This has forced the debugger to shutdown.


      I have gone to the Select Debug Target item in the Debug menu, selected the target and said connect. Doing Debug has the same result.




      If the code is loaded and the board is running.  I can select the target as above.  Then pick Debug Running Target and I can control the target, single step or breakpoint.


      Can you suggest what I can do to get the Debug item working.


      Thank you for the help


      --jim schimpf