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    No Device Driver




      I am in the process of modifying an existing application.  The current modification is adding the default Cypress Audio device to an USBFS component.  That appears to have worked and the PC does recognize the audio device.  However the PC (Win 7 64 bit) can not find a device driver.  I performed due diligence and searched  forums and and also a general internet search and can not find information regarding this specific issue.  But if I missed it , I apologize in advance.


      NOTE: 02/21/2016.  The project has been updated.  The new audio device is the same as the audio device from a sample Cypress project.  The Cypress supplied project works and functions correctly.  The audio device is recongnized by Windows and functions normal.  However when this same audio device is added to the project I am attempting to modify,  Windows fails and indicated it can not find a driver.  Apparently there is a conflict somewhere in the USBFS component and the two audio devices are causing an issue.


      Attached are the Cypress supplied project,  the project I am attempting to modify and two screen shots related to the two projects.