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    How to use Pyro-ınfrared sensor with Psoc4 BLE?

      Hi all,


      I am new in this community and programming some embedded systems, i have just little experience on coding Arduino. I now have a pyro-infrared sensor and want to use it in an iot project. I guess what i should do is to define an analog pin to take any value coming from sensor and make a decision whether there is a movement or not. However, i do not know how to program it, so i need an advise about that. I don't want the code, i just want to have an idea about where i must start from, which attributes, functions i must use, how to obtain this basic project by just learning on my own. If i would know a way to use it, i could go away. I hope this is right place to ask it, i am looking forward hearing your respond, thanks all!