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    slave fifo, synchronous, AUTOIN on EP2, AUTOOUT on EP6?

      The standard example and default setup has EP2 set to AUTOOUT and EP6 set to AUTOIN for synchronous slave fifo mode. But can you reverse them and set EP2 to AUTOIN and EP6 to AUTOOUT?


      While I've been using the first setup for some time my attempts to set EP2 to AUTOIN for synchronous slave fifo has not succeeded. While I could use the default setup as a workaround it would be much cleaner design to be able to used EP2 as AUTOIN or AUTOOUT as needed.


      Is there anything special that needed to be done to make EP2 work with AUTOIN? According to the documentation any of the EPs should be selectable by the input pins, but while EP6 AUTOIN works, EP2 AUTOIN does not work with the exact same setup.