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    About RTC with WDT

      Hello, I want to know how to operate RTC With WDT.




      At first I use PRoc BLE with the example those name is RTC_P4_WDT example.




      I found some weird thing that is about RTC.




      To make exact alarm, I executed that example by modifying  Alarm Time.




      first thing was modifying alarm Date ( from 04:01:30 to 02:59:59, Start time - 02:59:50).




      result was malfunction routine. Alarm was not working.




      compared to past experiment, second thing was modifying alarm date (from 04:01:30 to 04:01:01)




      result was correctly working.




      so I want to know why this result is happening.


      (PS,) the result of experiment is that Between Alarm time and Time, the gap have to has more than one minutes.