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    creation of password for emmc card.

      we  are designed usb sd3 based custom board. we have ported example illustrates the use of the FX3S firmware APIs to implement mass storage class device that allows access to SD/MMC devices connected to SD3 given along with SDK.kindly suggest how to make password protection of partion created in emmc card

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          Please refer the API CyU3PSibSetPasswd in the FX3 API Guide. This is used to set the password.




          - Madhu Sudhan

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            Hello madhu,


            Thanks for reply. I have made call of Api CyU3PSibSetPasswd(0,0,aucPwd,2,aucPwd,2) after finishing partition sd card. First i have defined uint8_t aucpasswd[2] ={ 'h','i'}.i am using msc example in fx3 sdk.After downloading .img in to cyusb 3025 based hardware,the card is locked ,and also system doesn't ask for password.If i took the card and try to read in another computer  ,the card is not visible to the computer .


            kindly tell where should i  call the Api CyU3PSibSetPasswd in the code and please tell how to enter the password through pc to sd card .




            thanking you in advance




            with regard ajish