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    Same UART in Bootloader and Bootloadable?


      Hi all,




      Can anyone tell me if it is possible to use the same UART (the same pins) in both bootloader and in bootloadable?


      My proposal is using normally the UART for communication, but I want to be able to upgrade software over this UART, sending before any command to enter in bootloader, is it posible?


      I do not know if 1.- UART for bootloader is configured before passing to the bootloadable, or 2.-if it is configured when Bootloadable_Load() function is called to invoke the bootloader.


      If 1, I can not do it because I will corrupt the configuration when pass from boatloader to bootloadable, if 2 I suppose it should work, but I even do not know if the PSoC creater will assign the same physical UART for both pieces of software.


      Does anyone know the way to do it?


      I look forward your response.