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    About wake up sources



      I'm sorry for asking very simple qustion. I'm using pRoc BLE.


      First, I want to get reference datasheet about wakeup sources. unfortunately, I couldn't find details code or datasheet.


      I only used datasheet named  '001-92584_AN92584_Designing_for_Low_Power_and_Estimating_Battery_Life_for_BLE_Applications'


      Second, I want to calcultae details for operating Deepsleep mode. compared between datasheet and actual Test, there was quite big gap between them(datasheet : 1.3uA, Actual test : 3100uA). I guess that this gap was caused by difference between functions called


      CySysPmDeepSleep() and CyBle_EnterLPM(). am i correct ???????


      if my guess is true, coludn't i have a chance to consume such as 1.3uA??


      Thanks for answering my Question. Thanks, Thanks!!

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          When you installed Creator there was a Cypress Document Manager installed too. Look at Start -> Cypress... You can find every datasheet you need.


          The additional current you consume in deep sleep mode might come from the internal debug capabilities. Disable debugging by setting the debug mode to "GPIO" in .cydwr - System view.