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    UART in Host Controller Mode

      I am using the Host Controller Mode in the PSoC 4200 BLE CY8C4248LQI-BL483. I want to use the highest speed available 921600 bps 


      I get this message:


      Clock Warning: (BLE_HAL_Uart_SCBCLK's accuracy range '12 MHz +/- 2%, (11.76 MHz - 12.24 MHz)' is not within the specified tolerance range '14.746 MHz +/- 5%, (14.008 MHz - 15.483 MHz)'.).


      It seems that the UART needs a clock 16 times the baud rate. If I assume that the clock in use is 12 MHZ Cristal freq) I could operate the UART at 750000 bps.


      I have done that; I send a command HCI_RESET and the device response with a envent that has the expected number of bytes (7) but they are all 0xFF

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          What you can do:

          • set the system clock higher than 12MHz (design-wide resources, clock tab)
          • set it to a factor of 14MHz (e.g. 28MHz)
          • reduce the oversampling factor of the UART to 8
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            I am using one evaluation module, so I do not have the freedom to easily change the crystal to 28 MHz. Also in the HCI mode I do not know how to manipulate the oversampling of the UART to 8 instead of 16, where I can do this?


            Becuase I select the HCI mode in the device seems to me the UART configuration is kind of hard coded and I am only able to select the baudrate

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              I chnged the Baud reat from the UART component in TopDesign.cysch. however I do not know how to changes the clock?


              I too am trying to communicant at the max speed of 921600 bps. however I want those speeds over bluetooth. I am currently communcating at about 100k. I need at least 250k but I would like to get as close to 1M as I can over Bluetooth. is this possible?