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    Flash Checksum




      When the ProC4 is flashed, is the flash image CRC stored anywhere in flash/sflash etc. by default?


      I have the programming specification for this which shows it is in the hex file and how to calculate if programming, but I'm not seeing that it's stored on the device anywhere at programming. Is this correct?


      I guess I could add the checksum to sflash or similar, but if it's readable somewhere, that would be great.


      Thanks, Dave

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          Hi David,
          Yes, Checksum as such is not stored in memory. It is a part of Hex File. In the Hex file, 0x9030 0000  is used for storing checksum.


          For e.g., :0200000490303A


          0C3F being the checkusm.


          Alternatively, in your code you can sum up all flash elements to compute the checksum.