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    encoder counting speed


      hello, I am working on a system that is working with a capacitive encoder I having trouble with the reading speed in pps.


      the shaft speed is a little less than 10 rev per sec, if I setup the encoder counts to 100 ppr I would have a signal of nearly 1kHz of frequency


      if the Counter UDB on the PSOC4 works at 12MHz then I should be able to increase the resolution to 1000 ppr, but when I do that the program doesnt even read the pulses, I switched the input threshold to LVTTL and with that I managed to have a good result at 100ppr, I cant seem to find out why is this happening, I need to increase the resolution.


      The encoder datasheet says it is able to work at speeds of 7500rpm that means 125rps


      the program triggers a relay when the counter exceeds the compare value, the switching is fast enough, but I need to increase the counter resolution 


      I appreciate your help