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    Pin assigmnent


      Hi Every one


      I have been working for long time with  PSOC3PIM1   from Ansync, Inc.


      I am using the las version of Psoc Creator 3.3  SP1.


      Always have been used the port 12 pins.


      I have attached the schematic of such board.


      On Pin Tab from Cydwr , Psoc Creator do not let me use the pins from port 12, nevertheless it show me like available


      port 15 pins which are not available on the  PSOC3PIM1  board .


      I have upload a trivial project where you can see what I am talking about


      Thank you very much for any help.

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          Port12 cannot handle analog signals, but your pin component is set to analog. P12 is SIO only.

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            I verified your problem and created a support case. Alex, stay tuned...





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              But you may select for just one pin a port 12 analog pin. I created a new pin component to verify, so something might be wrong.





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                @Bob: Hmm, using this exact device I cannot even assign a single analog pin to P12. How did you do that?

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                  Oh, and the CYC38 family data sheets states: on SIO pins you cannot have analog inputs (page 37). And all P12 pins on the CY8C3866 are SIO pins.

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                    I placed a second 5-pin similar to the first and I was able to connect Pin_0 to a port 12 which is wrong. Cypress already confirmed that something is not quite right. No analog pins on port12 is right.





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                      Strange, because for me it behaved correctly (both with my new test project and the one from Alex)

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                        Try to set the pin 0 of both Pin_1 and Pin_2 components.





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                          Dear Sir


                          The point is : PSOC3PIM1 have not available  to use pin from thr port 15, This is a fact,  you can look at that on the schematic I attached.


                          I been using that board with no issue for more than 2 years.


                          Yesterday  I have run the  repair utility from PSoc Creator and the pin P12[3], P12[4] and P12[5] became suddenly  available.( the other pins belong to port 12 , pins 0,1,2 ,I didn't touch, and they remain locked and are showing in the correct location on cydwr schematic)


                          But....But,  after that , when I have tried to use the pin P12[4], it became not available, but became available pins from port 15, which do not belong to the set available in PSOC3PIM1.




                          Is it an issue the P Creator?




                          One of the project has been working ok for more tha 2 years with no issue like that


                          Thank you a lot  for your help

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                            One of the project has been working ok for more than 2 years with no issue like that


                            Please check the following: Is the project using analog or digital configured pins on port 12?




                            Answer from Cypress:


                            Thank you for contacting Cypress Technical Support.


                            I had done a detailed analysis on this issue.


                            As mention in the Forum post itself the P12 pins are SIO and it won't support Analog pins.
                            So the error is expected.


                            But there is one strange behavior I had detected.


                            I placed an analog input pin to the schematic and route it to Port 12.
                            Got error as expected.
                            Placed a digital pin to the schematic and route it to Port12
                            No error and built succeeded.


                            Test3: [important]
                            Placed an analog pin to the schematic, change the pin to digital input.
                            We expected to be able to route the pin to Port12. Port12 is not showing in the dropdown list.
                            I manually assigned the pin to Port12[instead of selecting from the list, manually enter the corresponding pin name - P12[3]]
                            Got error warning: "Pin Error: (Invalid pin assignment P12[3]. This pin does not support ANALOG.)."
                            But when I build the project, the build is successful.
                            So we can conclude that this is just a GUI error, the CYDWR is not updated with the fact that we changed the pin from Digital to Analog. But the build process is assigning the pin properly and thus the build is successful, so this will not effect the functionality.


                            I will create an internal ticket, thank you very much for pointing this to us.


                            Jobin GT







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                              Hi  Bob




                              Thank you so much for your help.


                              I understand the test done.


                              But still I do not understand why Pin  tab cydwr show me pins which  does not exit on the board we are talking about.

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                                Bob do you think if I uninstall the whole Psoc Creator and install it again  we can fix this issue?

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                                  Creator doesn't know about your board. It just knows about the PSoC chips thats on the board, and this one has a port P15. So Creator allows you to use Port P15. Or did you ever set in your project which board you are using?

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                                     My dear Hli


                                    Thank you for your commentary, is very useful


                                    Take a look to the schematic for  PSOC3PIM1 from Powerfulboard, they have a set of pin that are available to use with that board.


                                    I understand that creator does not know about boards, but Creator Does understand about the chip I have set up with chip selector.


                                    I insist in that, I am currently able to use only three port 12 pins  the other three ones cannot be used because creator does not show them. That happened now when I have stared a new project, with the same board and  under PSoc Creator 3.3 SP1


                                    Take a look to the schematic I have attached again, there are not Port 15 pins available to use, ckeck the top left corner to see that.




                                    I repeat, I been using this board for two years and always  Creator show me the correct pin for this particular board.


                                    Thank  you for your time

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