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    How to handle characteristic sizes over 20 Bytes in BLE connection?




      I'm working for an application to transfer data from my Cypress BLE module (CYBLE-014008-00) to an iOS APP. I did some experience with BLE and iOS Apps, so there shouldn't be a problem to implement this feature to the cypress module and the iOS device.


      My question aims to the maximum characteristic size. On the one hand BLE specification tells us that the maximum characteristic size is about 23 Bytes in version 4.1 but on the other hand I can choose a characteristic size up to 512 Bytes (see attached picture) without getting any error. So is this a valid characteristic size? And how does my mobile device interpret this value? Do I get more than one notification?


      The other question is, why I am able to choose a MTU size up to 65488 Bytes? How does these two values (512 Bytes / 65488 Bytes) fit together?




      Thanks in advance!