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    PSoC3 using XTAL_32kHz XI and XO pins for GPIO if no XTAL used

      I have an open source project that I was looking at and now 2 assigned GPIO (output) pins of a CY8C3246PVI-147 are being reserved for a 32kHz crystal P15[2] and P15[3]. 


      I had enabled the 32kHZ crystal on the Clock configuration page but went back and disabled (unchecked) it but the pins still cannot be used for the previously assigned output function.  


      Cypress Creator 3.3 SP1 is being used and shows 2 errors that these pins are reserved for the XTAL_32khz clock.   How do I regain access to these 2 pins for GPIO usage?


      The project's .cydwr file pins assignment page shows the reservation (shown in red) but the project build completes.  If I go back to the Clock configuration page and check the box to use the 32kHz crystal and attempt to build the project it fails. 


      Looks like a bug in PSoC Creator 3.3 SP1 not clearing the reservation display on the cydrw Pins tab for the XTAL_32kHz pins even though that crystal is not being used.