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    CYUSB2014 A2 and B5 pins?



      Thank you for all your help.


      We are going to use the CYUSB2014 part.  Now Pins A2 and B5 were previously USRXVDDQ and USTXVDDQ in the CYUSB301X parts.  Now in the CYUSB2014 part these pins are VDD so they just hook up to the core Voltage, 1.2V correct?


      Now in the app note AN70707 the USRXVDDQ and USTXVDDQ had an individual inductor for each pin and a 22uF and .1uF for each pin.  Do I still need this for the A2 and B5 pins for the CYUSB2014?  I would think not but wanted to check with you.


      Thank you


      Sorry if this is a repeat question as I could not find the answer here.