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    CYBLE-014008-00 Deep Sleep Current




      I cannot get CYBLE-014008-00 Deep Sleep Current to correct level. Datasheet specifies 1.3 uA current for Deep Sleep Mode.


      Here is one setup that I have tested:


      -CYBLE-14008-EVAL connected to CY8CKIT-42 BLE Pioneer Board.


      -Following application programmed


      #include <project.h>
      int main(void)


      -CYBLE-14008-EVAL removed from CY8CKIT-42 BLE Pioneer Board.


      -Power supplied to CYBLE-14008-EVAL board (J1 pins 23 and 24)


      -Current is measured from power supply




      As a result I am getting currents of 1.1 - 1.3 mA


      If I comment out CySysPmDeepSleep() and enable CySysPmHibernate() Current goes to specified levels of Hibernate mode.




      I have set debug pins to GPIO-mode from PSOC-Creator. 




      Could somebody help me to get Sleep current to specified level?