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    PSOC1 - In Circuit Emulation



      I am back in the PSOC sphere after a few years break, only to find that the CY3250-27XXX-POD and all other pods for the CY3215-DK have been made obsolete.


      We find ICE ont the real target is the one thing which shortens time to market, and is crucial to our business.


      Is there anything available as a replacement, or is in-circuit debugging done differently?


      I would find it most unusual if Cypress did not have an alternative.


      Thanks in advance



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          Welcome (back) in the forum, Ian!


          Time has passed, PSoCs have evolved...


          I hope, I am not suggesting against Cypress's policy, but I would suggest you to have a look at PSoC4 chips which are quite more modern, have integrated debug capabilities and come for a reasonable price. The development software Creator 3.3 can be downloaded for free (as Designer 5.4) and the prototyping kits come for just $10 (including the Kitprog for debugging).





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            Thanks Bob,


            I have had a look at the PSOC4 and PSOC Creator over the weekend, something quite different from Designer, but once I got your head around it, it became quite trivial in design.