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    Using PIR Sensor on Psoc4 BLE



      i am stuck using pir sensor on Psoc4 BLE, I've found a documentation explaining how to use pir on psoc family, and set the necessary circuit to obtain low-pass and high-pass filter as external. Datasheet says that i need 2 opamps to amplify signal coming from sensor, and 2 opamps for comparing(even if 2 opamps are available for psoc4 ble, i've tried to make that circuit) . I also use adc and drive led with pwm for observing voltage change depends on movement. I may have some wrong points about using gpio pins. I am not sure and cannot understand which step is wrong. My circuit is not working. I am sharing my project file and circuit picture. I know circuit is so complicated to figure it out; but you may give me a clue about my wrong. I am looking forward to hearing your response.




      Note: Circuit in DSC_0516 and 0517, resistors i used at above are for amplfication with opams, te other ones are for filter operations.