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    TCPWM PIN assignment when using another TCPWM component as timer counter

      Now My project use two TCPWM as pwm and another two TCPWM component as timer, my tcpwm pin is fixed with P1.0 and P1.2 on my hardware, which are TCPWM[0].lineout and TCPWM[1].lineout in cydwr file pin assignment. But now I found my pwm0 is assigned to CYREG_TCPWM_CNT3 and pwm1 is assigned to CYREG_TCPWM_CNT2, two timer counter occupied CYREG_TCPWM_CNT1 and CYREG_TCPWM_CNT0 in code. So the problem seems the pin assignment is conflicted to the code generated by PSOC creator?