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    interfacing of accelerometer using SPI

      I'm currently trying to interface accelerometer LIS3DH to the PSoC4 BLE. I selected spi master full duplex mode in PSoC creator.Can someone please tell me whether it's the correct one. And what's the difference between the normal mode and SCB mode?


      Also, the registers of the accelerometer are to be configured by writing values into them. So do I have to write my own function for writing into registers or are there already some APIs in the creator.


      I'm also confused about the HSIOM mentioned in the datasheet.Are we supposed to configure those registers?


      Finally, pin assignments in '.cydwr' file are different than those given in the datasheet.




      in the datasheet: MOSI=P0.0, MISO=P0.1, SCLK=P0.3 and


      in the .cydwr file: MOSI=P0.0, MISO=P0.2, SCLK=P0.1)


      Would I have to change the pin assignment in cydwr file?

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