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    CY7C65211 - USB Serial SDK Examples - DeviceIndex/DeviceNumber






      I am currently using the CY7C65211 from CY8CKIT-049-4200, in a project, where I have one configured as USB-Serial, AND another one as USB-I2C, on the same PC host.


      I have been using the source code (v2.0.3) from the SDK to access the USB-I2C one, and it seems that there might be some confusion in the usage of parameter deviceNumber in function CyGetDeviceInfoVidPid and CyOpen.


      In the examples (usbserialexample\(uart|spimaster|i2cmaster)), the end of the FindDeviceAtSCB0 function is returning an Index (used later in CyOpen as deviceNumber parameter) when it finds a device with the right PID/VID (+ SerialBlock_SCB0), but in my tests, it seems that it would require to pass the deviceID[index] value to CyOpen instead of only the index, when the USB-Serial one is connected too.


      [ When I look at the Linux source code, the CyGetDeviceInfoVidPid function is filling the UINT8* deviceNumber structure with something called 'DevNum' which looks uncorrelated to 'index', and  that would tend to confirm that using deviceID[index] should be used to get the DeviceNumber for CyOpen. ]


      Can someone confirm this ?