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    Update firmware via USB

      Good day.


      As CY7C67300-100AXI hardware the upload via USB for recovery firmware oscilloscope? 


      The oscilloscope is de-energized during the upgrade firmware via USB flash drive. Hangs after switching on.


      Thanks in advance.

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          do you have a way to obtain debug logs from the EZ-Host chip? If so do they implicate that the chip has started or not? Do you have any micro level details on the issue? If you load the previous firmware again, does it work?




          - Madhu Sudhan

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            Hi.Thanks for the answer, sorry for the English.
            Oscilloscope not responding and to load the previous firmware again is no possibility.
            There is CY7C67300-100AXI on mainboard oscilloscope, AT24C512 eeprom, the firmware of the oscilloscope is in S29JL064H90TF100 flash memory.
            Oscilloscope is not detected by PC.
            GPIO31(pin 39)-3V
            GPIO30(pin 40)-3V
            GPIO29/OTGID(pin 41)-2.4V


            Datasheet CY7C67300 -  Optionally, firmware may also be downloaded via USB.