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    Missing LE Data Length Change Event

      I am evaluating the CY5676A PRoC BLE 256KB Module in HCI mode. I am trying to use the data length procedure, after setting the suggested size to the maximum (251 bytes and 0x848 usec) in both sides and check with the read command that the values are taken. Sending the LE Set Data Length Command does generate the expected command complete but I am missing the LE Data Length Change Event after that. The event is enable in the LE event mask before hand. The sizes changes because I can send long packets.


      In the 4.2 specification seems to be mandatory implement the event. Also in the ICS of the QDI 76764 (Link Layer quelification) the table10 indicates that the event is supported.


      I am missing something?

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          What is the TX payload value that you set using LE Set Data Length Command? 


          are you using the correct connection handle?





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                    Before the connection is establish the suggested default data length is set in bot devices to the 0xfb bytes and 0x848 usec time. The commands returns events with the status OK. After the connection is done (interval 125 msec, no latency), we launch the command HCI_LE_SET_DATA_LENGTH in one of the devices (master) and the HCI_COMMAND_COMPLETE returns OK. There is not an event for the next 20 seconds. Log bellow @10:48:41.525 <+ 634 msec> TED command raw = [0x01, 0x22, 0x20, 0x06, 0x20, 0x00, 0xFB, 0x00, 0x48, 0x08] Opcode = 0x2022 (HCI_LE_SET_DATA_LENGTH) Parameter Total Length = 0x6 Connection_Handle = 0x20 TxOctets = 0xFB TxTime = 0x848 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @10:48:41.543 <+ 18 msec> TED event raw = [0x04, 0x0E, 0x06, 0x01, 0x22, 0x20, 0x00, 0x20, 0x00] Event Code = 0xE (HCI_COMMAND_COMPLETE) Parameter Total Length = 0x6 Num_HCI_Command_Packets = 0x1 Command_Opcode = 0x2022 (HCI_LE_SET_DATA_LENGTH) Status = 0x0 (Success) Connection_Handle = 0x20