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    Opamp: 5A DC current sampling  with 0.01ohm resistor

      Hello everyone,


      I'm trying to examine the DC current(range form -5A to 5A) on a user-circuit Vss wire using SARADC and Opamp components of "CY8C4247 /PSoC 4", the attachment is the demo circuit.
      R0 equals 0.01ohm.


      Since the difference voltage between Vi+&Vi- is small(50mv under 5A condition), with Opamps to amplify the voltage difference of ADC differential input ADC_in+&ADC_in- by 19.18times(gain=19.18). I wonder if this application would work properly?


      signals Vin+&Vin- equals SARADC channel1 input+&input- in schematic demo2.


      thx a lot