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    Communication UART with Linux



      I try to communicate between my PRoC-BLE and a Linux using UART.
      Linux can write on a tx port, it can read on a rx port. No problem. After numerous tests, I am sure Linux can read a message that it sent to itself (rx connected to tx).


      The same thing for the PRoC-BLE. rx can read what tx sent.


      Then, the PRoC-BLE can read what Linux sent (Linux tx connected on BLE rx, and gnd connected to gnd of course). On Linux, I send my message using "cat > /dev/ttyS1".


      But, and this is my problem, Linux can not read what the PRoC-BLE send...
      I do a "cat < /dev/ttyS1" on Linux, and he does not see any message from the BLE.
      However, the messages, seen on the oscilloscope, seem to be the same.
      I do not understand. What is the difference between the message that Linux send to himself (and that BLE can read) and the message that the BLE send to Linux ? Is there a configuration that I didn't see ?
      Has anyone already encountered this problem ?
      Thanks, regards.