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    cy8ckit-043 removable programmer


      Hi All,


      When I purchased my CY8CKIT-043, one of the attractive aspects of it was the ability to 'snap off' the programmer and to have it remote from the target board.  Since I want to install the target board on a breadboard, I'd like a few inches of wire between the two boards.


      Reading the directions, it seemed to be reasonable, so I went ahead and split the two boards, and installed header pins on each, with about 4" of cable between them.


      Unfortunately, when I went back to the project I had begun I discovered that the RS-232 had now stopped working.  It just seems to be running as an open line (with just hash on it).


      I went back and put very short jumpers between the pins and it has the same problem.


      Has anyone had success with separating these modules?


      Does splitting the boards void the warrantee?



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          Rich, when you look into the schematics you will see that indeed the UART signal are broken when the programmer is snapped off. You will need to manually make a connection between the pins.


          Schematic (located under C:\Program Files s(x86)\Cypress\CY8CKIT...)shows at initial picture what gets broken, Serial connections show:


          PSoC     KitProg


          P7_0     UART Tx (J9/7)


          P7_1     UART Rx (J9/6)


          Take a magnifying glass in case I was wrong, silk screen clearly marks the pins








          And Yes, warranty will be lost when kitprog is snapped off, but Cypress is very accomodating. ;-)