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      here ISR is calling only one time in my code ....


      any one tell me where i put my flag for continue running program...


      AND Second...


      when i save all value in E2PROM then higher value save only one character instead of two character....where i mad mistake in declaration???


      i attached my whole project.

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          Hello Chirag,


          Under the source files, you will find a file called UARTINT.asm.


          Find the label  _UART_RX_ISR.Below this line you will find commented out text as shown below


             ; Insert a lcall to a C function below this banner
             ; and un-comment the lines between these banners
             ;lcall _My_C_Function
             ; Insert a lcall to a C function above this banner
             ; and un-comment the lines between these banners
             ;@PSoC_UserCode_END@ (Do not change this line.)


          You can un-comment the three lines as indicated above, and modify the lcall to point to your function for handling Rx interrupts. 


          lcall _UART_ISR


          Be sure to remove the line


          #pragma interrupt_handler UART_ISR



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            Hello Chirag,


            Declare your string variables like 


            char codestr[10];
            char lowstr[3];
            char highstr[3];


            Replace the numbers representing the length of the array with the number of characters you need plus one, needed for zero termination of string.


            Declaring the variable like *codestr, will reserve only one byte if in data space, and two bytes if declared in code space, just enough to store the pointer.



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              Thanks you sir for your reply.


              i declared ISR as you mentioned and its working!!


              but if i declared  char codestr[10] than E2PROM is not write data in perticular block.


              is that mandatory to take char *codestr for E2PROM???

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                When declared


                char codestr[10];


                Then codestr is already a char *


                alternatively (char *)codestr[0]





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                  Thnk you BoB.


                  i got your point. i solved it. but still i facing one problem which is when sending data from UART than ISR function is activate and save data in EEPROM. but when i try it for second time than data is arrived in ISR but it is not stored in EEPROM.


                  i attached my project here.


                  can you tell me where i made mistake?? 

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                    when i power off psoc and power on than again it work for one time.


                    i have to make it like whenever correct data come on UART than ISR function activate and store data to EEPROM.

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                      You declared


                      char *strPtr1;


                      @Line 81


                          switch (strPtr1[0])


                      You just declared a pointer, but it points into nirwana. Better declare


                      char strPtr1[2];


                      which will resolve that conflict.


                      Your interrupt handler is quite too large! Usually you just set a flag and exit. In the main-loop you check the flag, reset it when set and act accordingly.