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    PSoC1(CY8C24223) GPIO Programming - Port 1 does not work

      Hi, I am using CY8C24223A and met a problem of GPIO in/out control by software.


      It seems that PRT0 data can be controlled well while PRT1 data cannot.


      My final goal is four digital inputs (P0[1], P0[5], P1[3], P1[7]) and six digital outputs (P0[2], P0[4], P0[3], P1[2], P1[5], P1[6]).


      I must control them all by software. But I found they did not work as I expect from the documents.


      So I tested simple logic; P1[5] = !P1[7], P1[6] = P1[7]


      Partial source code is;


             Port_1_Data_SHADE = 0;


             for (;;){


                    PWMB = (PRT1DR & 0x128) >> 7;             // read P1[7]


                    if (PWMB){


                           Port_1_Data_SHADE &= ~0x32;        // clear P1[5]


                           Port_1_Data_SHADE |= 0x64;         // set P1[6]


                    }else {


                           Port_1_Data_SHADE |= 0x32;         // set P1[5]


                           Port_1_Data_SHADE &= ~0x64;        // clear P1[6]




                    PRT1DR = Port_1_Data_SHADE;




      But I found both actual output P[5] and P[6] were always 0 levels.


      In the other hand, another logic using P0 port worked well. (P0[0] = !P0[5], P0[4] = P0[5])


      Device: CY8C24223A-24PXI, developped by PSoC designer 5.4


      I have tried with / without using data shade registers.


      Could anyone give me suggestions?


      Thank you very much for your attention in advance.