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    UART Bootloader


       Hi all,


      I have been trying to implement a simple UART Bootloader example and for some reason the code gets stuck in the below loop in CyBootAsmGnu.s when it enters the Bootloader_Start();

          SUBS r0, r0, #1           /*  1    2 */
          MOV r0, r0                /*  1    2   Pad loop to power of two cycles */
          BNE CyDelayCycles_loop    /*  2    2 */

       What is this delay from and how can I fix it? I also added my workspace just in case. 


      Also I try using Bootloader Host tool and it times out after 5 seconds saying "Unable to read data from the target device". I believe this is because of the above loop too.


      Thank you in advance,