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    Custom board bringup (CY8C5888LTI-LP097 chip)

      Hi Folks,


      I created a small PCB 1"x1" with the CY8C5888LTI-LP097 (68pin QFN) chip.  The original board worked except the JTAG connector didn't have the VTarget pin connected so I would use a jumper connected between the PCB and programmer, but other than that it worked fine.


      Like any engineer I decided to improve the design, expose more of the pins, add the ability to put a crystal on the board and tie the Vddd power to the JTAG connector.  Unfortunately the new board will not be recognized by PSoC Creator 3.2 when trying to program it.  (It doesn't even show up in the target list, no matter if I select external or 5v power or SWD/JTAG or the various speed settings.)   (I tried about 5-6 boards so far and think I can rule out soldering issues, there are no shorts but the chip does get a little warm.)


      I'm hoping this jogs someone's mind of a similar problem.