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    PSoC 5 LP:Questions about multiple waves generation

      Hi everyone, I am working on a project that needs to generate multiple sine waves at the same time to drive a tweeter. The background is that I would like to convert an image into sound waves. Each pixel is going to be designed a specific sine wave with its specific amplitude and frequency.If I would like to convert an image in 64x64 resolution, the amount of sine waves I need to generate is 4096. 


      Here comes the question, I have looked up a technical document about waveform generation by using WaveDAC8 but the closet example project was actually adding two different sine waves together by using two DAC in parallel. I know its impossible to add thousands of sine waves by using thousands of DACs in PSoC 5 LP. Thus I looked into the limitation of WaveDAC and the result was that I could generate 4 waves at maximum at the same time. An application engineer suggested me to program an algorithm to add those thousands of sine waves together before feeding them into a DMA,then use the DMA channel to transfer the final result to a WaveDAC8.Is this feasible?


      If it is feasible, can anyone help me further or share me related technical documents? I have no idea how to add those sine waves before feeding them into a DMA in coding and how can I set the WaveDAC by then. What I can do so far is creating a table of amplitudes and a table of frequencies that corresponding to image pixels through MATLAB coding.


      Many thanks!