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    How can I limit the WiFi-data-rate?


      How can I limit the WiFi-data-rate?


      I tested as below but it seems like that it didn't work well.


      - WICED SDK 2.4.0

      - Application : Apps/test/console

      - Test Log

      Started ThreadX v5.5

      Initialising NetX v5.6

      Creating Packet pools

      Starting Wiced v2.4.0

      WWD SDIO interface initialised

      WLAN MAC Address : CC:52:AF:xx:xx:xx

      Console app

      > set_data_rate 11

      > get_data_rate

      data rate: 11 Mbps

      > join DIR-636L wpa2 12345678

      Joining : DIR-636L

      Successfully joined : DIR-636L

      IPv4 network ready IP:



      But when I checked the rate in the AP(which WICED-module associated to), the rate always was 65M.


      What did I do wrong?

      Is it a bug or something of "apps/test/console"?


      Thanks in advance, Steve