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    PSOC 5 I2C I2C_MasterWriteBuf function help


      I have a few questions I have the I2C EEPROM I am battling with. One of the specifics of this one the EEPROM will NAK all the write attempts after a large write has been completed previously. I am using function I2C_MasterWriteBuf to write the data. I do know the write attempt is being NAKed. However I2C_MasterWriteBuf  does not return I2C_MSTR_ERR_LB_NAK in that instance. The function returns zero. I went into the source for I2C_MasterWriteBuf and could not find anywhere where it would return a NAK related result. Is it supposed to return a I2C_MSTR_ERR_LB_NAK? Documentation certainly implies so. That would be handy feature.


      Now for my application I do not want to place a fixed delay for EEPROM writes instead I want to keep trying to write until I get an ACK. Is there any way to do that besides manual start, send byte, send stop functions?