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    Solar-Powered IoT Device Kit (S6SAE101A00SA1002 ) Examples download query

      I am just querying the installation process for the (Kit Design Files, Documentation, Examples) package as found in the "Related Files" section at the bottom of this page.


      For some reason the Cypress Update Manager shows a "Network Error" next to the software I downloaded. As someone new to the Cypress IDE and related design software, is this something I simply ignore or is there a fix for this.


      For record, I completed following steps:


      After successfully downloading an application file (SOLARPOWEREDKITSetupOnlyPackage.exe), I clicked to install. This opens up an InstallShield wizard and you are requested to choose type of install (typical, custom, or complete).


      This then installs " Solar-Powered IoT Device Kit 1.0 Rev.** " An explanation is provided "The package includes example projects created using the PSoC Creator IDE. Hardware schematics and other design files are also included. A quick start and users guide are available to get familiar with the projects and hardware that comes in the kit."


      Once complete a new dialog box opens offering choice to open up the release notes etc. and open up the PSoC Creator. This all seems to work fine.


      Now, I see that no information is provided as to what was installed here. The Release Notes do not list out exactly which files were downloaded and where they are stored etc. so cannot cross reference. Opening up the Cypress folder on my computer I can see that there is now a new folder called "Solar-Powered IoT Device Kit" and within this folder there is another folder called "1.0".


      Within this folder there are other folders, which I see are later referenced in the user manual.