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    is stopping advertising required at call back of connection up?



        One question about the sample code at hello_sensor.c.


      void hello_sensor_connection_up(void)


          UINT8 writtenbyte;

          UINT8 *bda;



          hello_sensor_connection_handle = (UINT16)emconinfo_getConnHandle();



          // save address of the connected device and print it out.

          memcpy(hello_sensor_remote_addr, (UINT8 *)emconninfo_getPeerAddr(), sizeof(hello_sensor_remote_addr));



          ble_trace3("hello_sensor_connection_up: %08x%04x %d\n",

                      (hello_sensor_remote_addr[5] << 24) + (hello_sensor_remote_addr[4] << 16) +

                      (hello_sensor_remote_addr[3] << 8) + hello_sensor_remote_addr[2],

                      (hello_sensor_remote_addr[1] << 8) + hello_sensor_remote_addr[0],




          // Stop advertising

          //bleprofile_Discoverable(NO_DISCOVERABLE, NULL);


        Is function call 'bleprofile_Discoverable(NO_DISCOVERABLE, NULL)' required at this call back?

        I suppose that no additional connection is allowed when one connection has been made. So is this just to stop advertising event or to prevent 20732S2 from malfunction when multiple initiating request arrived?


        Thanks in advance.