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    emFile not communicating with SD Card


      Hey there,


      Im currently trying to use an SD card in one of my projects.


      PSoC Creator 3.3 CP2, Component emFile 1.20, Lib emFile_V322c.


      I am using an Lcsoft.net SD Card holder (see the schematic attached) and a PSoC5LP Prototyping Kit. I already measured all the physical connections, tried another SD-Card holder, other boards, other pins, other libraray configuration... no success so far.


      I used the Demo-Project and as well tried to set up an empty project with the instructions from the emFile datasheet.


      I have used exactly this SD-Card (32MB SDXC/MMC) some years ago with PSoCs and it worked fine. Also the card is not write protected and works fine under windows.


      I also Included FS_ConfigIO.c to my project and inserted UART Debug statements there but there is nothing coming out. My code (based on the example)




      /* Get volume name of SD card #0 */
          if(0 != FS_GetVolumeName(0u, &sdVolName[0], 9u))
              /* Getting volume name succeeded so prompt it on the LCD */
              UART_PutString("\r\nSD card name:");
              /* Operation Failed - indicate this */
              UART_PutString("\r\nFailed to get SD card name");


          UART_PutString("SD card format: ");
          if(0 == FS_FormatSD(sdVolName))




          /* This will create directory "Dir" on SD card */
          if(0 == FS_MkDir("Dir"))
              /* Display successful directory creation message */
              UART_PutString("\r\n\"Dir\" created");
              /* Display failure message */
              UART_PutString("\r\nFailed to create directory");




      I get:


      SD card name:mmc:0:SD card format: Failed


      Failed to create directory


      Needless to say that also the card is not formatted and no directory created.


      Its a bare-metal system without OS. I tried emf16nosnlfn emf32nosnlfn and emf16noslfn




      Build Setting:


      Additional Include dirs:
      ..\..\..\200_Components\emFile_V322c\Code\Include\PSoC5; ..\..\..\200_Components\emFile_V322c\Code\Include\PSoC5\emf16nOS


      Additional Libs




      Additional Lib dir:






      I attached a logic analyzer to the borad, this doesn't look like proper SPI communication to me (see attach file).