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    Trouble creating custom PSoC component from ADC_SAR_SEQ_V2.0



      I'm curently in the process of trying to insert a PGA between the Mux and ADC in the ADC_SAR_SEQ_V2.0 component in PSoC Creator. I've been trying to follow documents such as this and this which describe how to import an existing component to be edited and included in another project as a custom library. So far most of the process has gone well, but when I go to drag my custom components onto a schematic I continually get errors from PSoC Creator:

      • There is an error associated with this component. The instance 'PGA_ADC_SAR_SEQ_1', of component PGA_ADC_SAR_SEQ, contains an error. Failed to load assembly, 'C:\Users\Nick\AppData\Local\Cypress Semiconductor\PSoC Creator\3.3\customizer_cache\PGA_ADC_3748c3ea94858d9808e78abb453b5699ac18abaebfd756d40d1610e4aa3ccadd.dll'
      • Error in drag-drop operation : There was an error during binding.
        Failed to load assembly, 'C:\Users\Nick\workspace\PGA_ADC.cylib\PGA_ADC.dll'

      There seems to be plenty of warnings that something has gone wrong, but none of the error messages give me any hint as to why or how to fix it. I'm running PSoC Creator 3.3 on Windows 10. Any help would be much appreciated.