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    Frequency counter

      I've built a frequency counter on PSOC 4 (CY8CKIT-49-42XX), starting from one example found on Internet.
      I'm using UDB block just to learn to use them. (May be simplest?)
      The project seem to work , but the frequency shown on LCD isn't precise. The readouts on display oscillate  around 6 -7 % lower, from the correct value (compared with external frequency meter and oscilloscope).
      I'm not sure why, may be the clock reference? This clock is precise within 1% (as declared on composer), so I doen't aspect  a so large oscillation.
      Where is my mistake? Can the clock reference be the cause my error, or is something on my implementation?
      Better if I use an external clock?


      Attached the project.


      Thanks for help,