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    programming bootloader PSoC5lp CY8CKIT-059


      I have an application I am working on with a CY8CKIT-059 Kit to prototype. I have much of the functionality already working. I have to admit it is a great protoype kit for the price.


      Here is the piece I am stuck at. I have already read through a bunch of the application notes on bootloaders. I would like to utilize both PSoC5lp devices on the kit. I would like to be able to run the more mission critical code on the main PSoC5lp device and run the host communication and preprocessing of data on the kitprog/bootloader PSoC5lp(along with the existing kitprog/bootloader code).


      The current kitprog functionality works great, there are only a couple things I would like to change.


      1 Add my custom code to run on the kitprog device and communicate with host preprocess data then send to main PSoc5lp device.


      2. change the usb-uart bridge into a USB-UART host receiver on the kitprog and then a USB-UART writer to the main PSoc5lp device.




      I couldn't seem to find the source for the kitprog for the CY8CKIT-059 to modify though. One thing I did notice is that the hex file for the kitprog on the CY8CKIT-059 does not seem to be in the firmware directory of the installed kit files. I found the one for the pioneer kit but wasn't sure if they were the same.


      I figure my last choice would be to write a custom bootloader/booloadable application from scratch/template. I would think it would much quicker if the existing kitprog source was available.




      Anyone have any info that might help?