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    Serial Communication over BLE



      My Application involves reading data from multiple sensors (LSM9DS1 and GP2Y0A21YK0F) using SPI and then relaying this data over Bluetooth to a receiving station with a Serial Monitor. 


      Here's the catch, the receiving station might not necessarily use BLE, but a simple Bluetooth module.


      I am planning to use an SCB in my design, which rotes the data from the sensors to UART. However, i need to send this data over BLE instead of the cable connected to my PIONEER KIT from the PC. 


      So how does one proceed with connecting the SCB to a BLE profile with simple Rx/Tx for serial communication?




      would appreciate any advise/suggestions/pointers.






      p.s. im using the PSOC 4 BLE on the PIONEER KIT to send the data. Receiving is independent.