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    Operating BLE



      I have several doubts about the functioning of the BLE.


      What is the operating sequence of events generated?


      when I give a CyBle_Start (AppCallBack);
      I know that the first event generated is CYBLE_EVT_STACK_ON in which I send the device goes into Advertisement ... from that point my doubts arise, there are several events that can occur in the bluetooth stack, I know there is documentation and API available, but it is not clear when these events occur and how they should be used. I try to look at the examples, but each is implemented in a different way.
      If possible explain step by step for each connection phase, how to read, write and report ...


      an example of error that could not understand the reason is when I try to modify the Intervalor connection (my device is a type server peripheral) When I connect to the dongle using the cysmart appears on the screen the request to change the connection interval if I accept the request the services and features are unread and a timeout error and disconnects. If I do not accept the connection request interval change the device connects normally.


      Thanks for listening!

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          Hi Hugo Olivera,


          What is the operating sequence of events generated?


          As you know, the first event which will get triggered is 'CYBLE_EVT_STACK_ON' . The order in which the next events get generated will depends on your application and profile chosen (Central/Peripheral). The best way to track/understand the flow of the event triggering is use a UART in the application, put UART prints in which and all events you are using.


          For the issue mentioned above in your application, Please create a TechSupport case under cypress.com -> Mycases


          The code snippet which you shared is not enough to understand the issue. So preferably please create the Tech support case, elaborate the problem and share the project. So that we can help you to fix it.