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    Mutual-Capacitance Sensing (CSX)

      Hi guys,


      I am new to PSoC. I am hoping to be able to use the PSoC 5 devices to implement an application unsing mutual-capacitance sensing (CSX).


      All of the CapSense datasheets, user guides, application notes and others are talking about CSX, so I considered it to be straight forwared to get an eval board (I have the CY8CKIT-059), start the PSoC Creator, and get it started.


      However, all sources say that the PSoC Creator only supports CSD CapSensing, and no CSX sensing.


      Also, I cannot find mutual-capacitance sensing in any of the PSoC 5 or PSoC 4 datasheets.


      The only clue I have found so far is the preliminary 3.3 SP2.3 version of the PSoC Creator. In this version, there is a CapSense component available, which can be setup as CSX sensors.


      So what is the deal with the CSX? Is it possible to use the PSoC 5 wit CSX sensing?